Friday, February 24, 2012

Women of the Otherworld #5: Haunted (2005)


after following the life of Elena the werewolf in Bitten (2001) and Stolen (2003); following the life of Paige the witch in Dime Store Magic (2004) and Industrial Magic (2004); the fifth book followed the life of Eve the black witch. the story started 3 years after her death. in the afterlife, she continued to watch over Savannah, her daughter under the custodian of Paige and Lucas. frustrated that she couldn't communicate with the living, she sought out channel to do so. the Fates called her in to capture a spirit of a demi-demon that escaped hell, called the Nix. it fed on chaos and death, persuading its host to kill for her. Eve, with Kristof her lover and Trsiel the angel, set out to hunt the Nix.

again, like how side-characters were often portrayed, Eve was far more lovable in this installment than the previous. after a slow start and tons of introductions on how Eve's afterlife was, the book turned fabulously entertaining and fast-paced at its second half. it was fun watching a supposedly "evil" dark witch at her sentimental moments. despite the rareness of book series jumping from one character to another, it was actually refreshing and fun to experience the life of different characters throughout the Women of the Otherworld (2001-2012) series. it expanded our perspectives, seeing through different eyes, experiencing different excitements.

author: Kelley Armstrong
published: 2005
genre: Fantasy

Women of the Otherworld series:
- Bitten (2001)
- Stolen (2003)
- Dime Store Magic (2004)
- Industrial Magic (2004)
- Haunted (2005)
- Broken (2006)
- No Humans Involved (2007)
- Personal Demon (2008)
- Living with the Dead (2008)
- Frostbitten (2009)
- Waking the Witch (2010)
- Spellbound (2011)
- Thirteen (2012)

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