Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dead Beautiful #1: Dead Beautiful (2010)

Dead Beautiful

Renée was an ordinary girl until her sixteenth birthday, when she found her parents dead in the woods. the police declared the cause of their death as heart attacks, but Renée was far from convinced after witnessing coins that scattered around their bodies, and the clothes in their mouth. before she was able to find out more, Renée was sent by her wealthy grandfather to Gottfried Academy, a mysterious and remote boarding school. there, she met with Dante, a boy that she felt strangely drawn to. unexplainable things started occurring, forcing her to unearth the dark secret of Gottfried and the students that suffered similar death as her parents.

it was an extremely fast and enjoyable read! the story evolved around The Undead, yet remained so unique and interesting as we followed Renée on her discovery, also in search of true love and selflessness. the mysteriousness of her parents' death easily engaged and led us through the pages, having absolutely no boring moments. the character developments were in depth, the storyline so dark yet so beautiful, so romantic yet so heart-wrenching at times. it was impossible not to fall in love with Renée, her story a breath of fresh air comparing to most of the supernatural romance.

author: Yvonne Woon
published: 2010
genre: Fantasy/Romance

Dead Beautiful series:
- Dead Beautiful (2010)
- Life Eternal (2012)
- Love Reborn (2014)

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