Monday, August 25, 2014

Women of the Otherworld #13: Thirteen (2012)


a war led by Giles, threatening to expose the supernatural was feared by most of the supernatural. however, there were still people who followed Giles, choosing to believe him because they were also tired of hiding who they were from the world. Savannah was a witch who found the strength in herself to fight against Giles and his troop by sneaking among the enemy with the hope of taking down their leader. the situation was urgent, because Giles had abducted their friend, Hope, a clairvoyant who now bore Lucifer’s granddaughter. through Hope, Giles had wanted to get Lucifer to appear and support his cause of exposing the supernatural.

last book into the series, as disappointed as I was with not seeing Elena in its spotlight, I was pleased to be equally entertained while Savannah led the story. it was satisfying that she was finally with Adam, and not to mention going through Karl’s near-death and Hope’s labor. the pace was most of the time fast, filled with so much actions that it was difficult not to be glued to the pages. I found myself enjoying Eve’s stay as much as Savannah did, savoring the goose bumps as well as tears shed for their reunion as well as separation. although it was rather saddening to have reach the end of such a strong and entertaining series, I was more than pleased to have picked it up and stuck with it until its very perfect end.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Watchers #4.5: Dark Craving (2013)

Dark Craving

Ronan was a Tracer, he recruited boys and girls from the outside world and brought them to the Isle of Night. the boys would be trained to become Vampires one day, while the girls Watchers. these boys and girls were tough in their own way, most wouldn’t be missed when they went missing. the Directorates had been the one giving out instructions on who to abduct, and Ronan was merely their tool. however, Ronan had a second responsibility. he was also part of the secret rebellious group waiting to wage a war against the Directorate. the group was led by women, vampires older than the Directorate, who sought to return everything to the old ways.

the short novella followed Ronan instead of Annelise for a change. not a change for good, but it was equally entertaining seeing Annelise through Ronan’s eyes. it got a little dull when it came to Ronan’s past and his determination to find his original family instead of the foster one he landed with before he became a Tracer. fortunately, because of his feelings towards Annelise, he was forced to kill one of the ancient vampire just to see her. the assassination was every bit engaging and overwhelming as it could be. the moment Annelise joined in action, the fun had only just begun. the further complications and unexpected turn of event having Charlotte, Ronan’s dead older sister appeared, added a perfect topping to the very delicious treat the book turned out to be.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Watchers #4: The Keep (2013)

The Keep

succeeded in proceeding into a new semester, Annelise found herself left with no friends. with her best friend Emma’s death somewhat connected to her, Yasuo, Emma’s boyfriend and also Annelise’s friend, was determined to seek revenge from her. during his transition from being a trainee to a vampire, emotional stress will forced him to transform into a mindless Draug instead. trying all she might to handle these situations, the only person Annelise could confined in was vampire Carden, their bond stronger than ever. during unexpected moment, she was surprised to also find a friend in Ronan, her supposedly strict swimming instructor.

forth book into the series, the story returned being quite captivating compared to the previous two installments. Annelise caught hold of a rumor where girls were taken to The Keep. trainees, also boys who were in transition, were often gathered in The Keep, where they celebrate their transition and to Annelise’s horror, drank from girls’ heart. after hearing the rumor, Annelise had to check The Keep looking for Emma, which made it a dangerous adventure, especially since The Keep was where the Old Vampires gathered. i had assumed that this would be the last installment of the series, but with the cliffhanger that I was left with, it was also pleasant to find more possible growth in Annelise.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Watchers #3: Blood Fever (2012)

Blood Fever

after an intense German training, vampire Alcantara sent Annelise on her first mission, to rescue vampire Carden. but instead of following the instruction of informing vampire Alcantara at a particular timing, she rescued vampire Carden on her own when things got dangerous for the both of them. since then, the duo created a bond, forbidden especially by vampire Alcantara, who fancied Annelise and hoping to bond with her.

third book into the series focus on Annelise relationship with vampire Carden, a bond created through exchanged of blood, which Annelise accidentally initiated. since then, they had been unable to distant themselves from one another. it was the Blood Fever influencing them. when vampire Alcantara suspected their relationship, he created many obstacles for the duo, especially locking and framing vampire Carden for the murders around campus. to clear his name, Annelise had to find the said rogue vampire at lurk. but it was not the only danger surrounding Annelise since vampire Alcantara had given the green light to Masha and the guidons to go after Annelise.