Sunday, September 21, 2014

Divine Fall (2014)

Divine Fall

Jaime’s only happiness and peace was riding her horse, Beau. one day, a new handsome stable helping hand appeared and there was a mysterious aura about him. the more Jaime met Dothan, the more she tried to figure him out. Dothan was a Nephilim, half angel and half human. he came to the small town for one purpose, to seek revenge for his father’s death. but before he can take down the full-blooded angel that killed his father, he needed a missing piece to enhance his powers. when he discovered Jaime had the access to the missing piece he needed, he began interacting with her. but the more they got together, they more they fell dangerously in love with each other.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for an honest review. the book for me, started out with too much information to digest. but as I traversed through the pages, it became an easier and easier read. the moment I saw where the story was heading, I flew through the pages and immediately slowed down just to enjoyed the battle where Dothan was to join hands with his supposedly enemy to save Jaime. the twist was surprisingly satisfying. not being a huge fan of romance, I picked out the book for its supernatural part of the story, I was pleased to be not disappointed. I was even more glad that I didn’t once felt repelled towards the romantic sections throughout the book. although I had a difficult time rooting for Jaime even after the book ended; Dothan on the other hand, was a character so charismatic that made him impossible to resist.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Guilt Trip (2014)

Guilt Trip

Melissa had been hearing voices and seeing presence in her dreams ever since the car crash. In the car crash, her mother died while she survived. the doctor said she was diagnosed with Survivor Syndrome, feeling guilty to have escaped a terrible accident. she went on a trip with her father, to the countryside, where her father was one of the judges for a photography competition. during the trip, they went to various sightseeing spot, where she found herself starting to see and hear things that she cannot explain. she started to wonder if these were the symptoms of her illness, or some supernatural occurrence.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for an honest review. the book started out being quite captivating, dropping eerie hints every now and then, creating one spooky atmosphere after another. but as I progressed through the pages, the scenes started to feel repetitive and dragged, like we should be revealed more secrets and mysteries by now. during the last quarter of the book, the truth was finally revealed, though still very slowly. as drowsy as I was at this point, I was glad that the story finally moved forward. as interested as I was towards the horror genre, it was a pity that the story moved in a pace too slow to my liking. but in general, I did enjoy the whole idea. it was most satisfying when the truth of each deaths was finally revealed.

Friday, September 19, 2014

I See You (2014)

I See You

Haven was a shifter. she was determined to get revenge against child predators, whom she once fell victim as well. she hoped to one day get the monster that laid his hand on her. one night, she came across Johnny, stepfather of Cassidy. with her shifting ability, she transformed into a cat before approaching Cassidy, in search of the truth that haunted the little girl. she easily found her way into being a part of Cassidy’s life. but before she was ready, she found herself tangled up with a bunch of supernatural that found their way into her task, including Cassidy’s uncle, Bryce, who knew her secret and Neely, a witch who wanted Bryce’s blood.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for an honest review. the book was an absolutely fast read, having a straightforward and captivating writing style. despite mixing some romance into the crime chasing plot, I was pleased to find that it wasn’t too much that it caused the flow to get sidetracked. some twists that was placed into the story was enough to impress me, especially the part of putting a shifter into a normal crime chasing storyline. the character development for Cassidy was especially heartwarming, also her relationship with Skittles. the way that the book ended, I could find myself seeing a possible book two, which I would be more than happy to read if and when it come out.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dangerous #2: Dangerous Boys (2014)

Dangerous Boys

Chloe was desperate to leave her small hometown, to attend college in the city. but before her dreams could come true, her father left her and her mother for a new lover who now bore his son. her mother became depressed and soon lose all motivation to work. struggling to keep both of them fed, Chloe took two jobs and postponed her dream. in the meanwhile, she met Ethan, a boy who was interested in her and soon they were going out. constant visit to his house introduced her to Ethan’s adventurous brother, Oliver. initially afraid, Chloe slowly became intrigued by Oliver, who always find ways to challenge her.

first quarter into the book it became clear that it was a triangle love story that went wrong. unlike the first series that we didn’t see it coming, this one was far clearer in comparison. like its first book, the timeline was equally jumbled up, mixing together the past and present, increasing the climax along its way. Chloe was initially a character easy to empathize, and it was very intriguing to see how she would overcome her difficulties at home while reaching for her dream. but the moment her stubborn self start surfacing and became instantly attracted to the opposite brother, she became a less likable character and the book immediately lose some of its charm. since then onwards, the story unfortunately went downhill. suddenly in comparison, I started to appreciate the beauty of feeling deceived on the very last page than to know since the very beginning who the main villain was.