Wednesday, April 23, 2014

True Fate #1: True Fate (2014)

True Fate

strange things had always happened to Nia. however, she and her best friend Rhea had always written them off as flukes. on her eighteen birthday, she spoke of a prophecy, scaring Rhea to tears. now nineteen, she met with a stranger that she felt attracted to from the very moment they laid eyes on each other. Aaron felt the same way towards Nia, like they were fated to be together. knowing each other on the first day felt like they knew each other for the lifetime. they were both approached by Lilith, a girl who claimed that they weren't entirely human. with the danger upon their tail, they need every help they can get to survive.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. the book started out promising, especially the part that introduced the dreamscape they were in, communicating in their dreams was a refreshing idea. while i personally believed in the existence of soul mates, it was quite a pain to see them repetitively throwing themselves at each other or knowing how their body tingled with each others' touch. having matching marks to proof that they were fated was truly an overkill. fortunately, the moment Nia showed her power, it made the waiting worthwhile. unique, Nia had the ability to manipulate and gain strength from all four elements, which made her rare and precious to her people. seeing how perfect her life and her boyfriend was, it was actually believing to have Nia going through the savior mode to balance it out. i enjoyed the action part of the book more than its romance, which was a little too heavily dosed for my taste.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Once Upon a Time (2013)


6000 years ago, in a land where the Emperor ignored his people, lived many unhappy people who were bullied by the rich. one day, a rebellious group attacked the palace, trying to overthrow the Emperor. his loyal followers, Yufa and Takzi protected the Emperor and entered a forbidden room, where a concubine vanished many years ago. the trio vanished into the future, where they learned to live in the modern society. by going through time, the trio discovered that they became immortal.

compared to their previous production, My FM had done better work than this. their previous Chinese New Year movie was impressive and most certainly drew tears into our eyes. this time around though, it was hardly humorous nor heartwarming. the father and son relationship that seemed promising turned out to be just typical, where else the confrontation with the missing concubine, who was also eager to banish the trio back to the past, took place so fast and the tension never did build.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Runaway (2013)


Christine, Chloe, Katie, and Lucy were four sisters who always stuck together. they used to have a happy life, until their parents died and they were sent off to their Aunt Mel. sister to their mother, Aunt Mel was a mean lady who abused the sisters so very often. she got paid looking after the sisters, yet she couldn't stop complaining. not only at home, the sisters were also bullied in school, especially for having no parents. however, Aunt Mel had kept a secret from them, something that could have changed their lives but she kept it hidden away. one day, decided that they had enough, the sisters runaway together, facing a life even more dangerous that it already was.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. the book was a fast read since it was a short story. it took more than half way through the book before the sisters decided to runaway. however, going through the first half of the book, getting absorbed into the experience of being bullied together with the sisters made it even more engaging. the book was an absolutely easy read. it was also easy to accept that they were too young to consider the danger of running away, facing the big bad world, especially comparing to the already torturous life they lived. the ending was somewhat unexpected, but surprisingly it was rewarding and satisfying to know that the girls were finally in good hands. despite being short, the book was an entertaining read.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hantu Gangster (2012)

Hantu Gangster

there were three gangster groups, one made up by Malay, another by Chinese, and the last one by Indian. for 50 years they ruled a local town in peace. after the mysterious death of these 3 leaders, their son who now took their father's place in the group felt a growing hatred towards each other. they tried to take over each other's territories. the three dead leaders returned from their graves, approached Tesai, who had the ability to see spirits, with the hope of bringing the town together again.

the film was a horror comedy directed by Namewee. it wasn't exactly impressive, but it was entertaining enough to get us through the film. having so many casts and subplots, it was difficult to focus or build any in depth backdrop for any of the characters, which was a disappointment. as much as we wanted to learn more about Tesai and his son, maybe even understand what happened to his wife, there were simply no time for this. the focus was mostly spent on a Malay who secretly stirred things up between the three groups with the hope of controlling everyone in the end.