Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Everneath #1.5: Neverfall (2012)


when Nikki’s six months came to an end, she escaped being claimed by the Tunnels when Jack took her place. Initially Cole hoped to have Nikki all to himself because he was the only choice Nikki ever had to escape the Tunnels. however, the love between Nikki and Jack was so strong that Nikki declined Cole’s help and decided to face her own fate. Jack’s sacrificing came as a surprise to everyone, including Nikki. Cole witnessed everything and was shocked with the direction everything was heading. with Nikki surviving the Feed, he was keen to find out reason behind it, no matter the cost.

as much as I enjoyed reading about Nikki, Jack and Cole, I felt slightly dragged by this installment. It was written in Cole’s point of view, about his pain of being rejected by Nikki as well as refusing to admit his feelings towards Nikki. thus his obsession with the mysteries behind Nikki’s surviving. the dungeon he was kept in was quite a piece of work! it not only got to him, it got into my head as well, making me felt every bit as disgusted as he was. while it was entertaining enough to follow Cole’s side of the story, I can’t wait for it to end, just so I can continued reading about how Nikki’s life was turning out to be, especially after surviving the ordeal and most importantly, losing Jack.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Everneath #1: Everneath (2012)


after a painful encounter with her boyfriend, Jack, Nikki left with Cole, an Everliving, into the Everneath, an underworld that absorbed her of her energy. the Everlivings were required to bring in Forfeits periodically. It was often someone from the D.O.P (Daughters of Persephone) but Nikki wasn’t one of them, she happened to be looking for an escape when the Everlivings were returning to the Everneath. however, no matter how young the Forfeits were when they were brought into the Everneath, they returned old. miraculously, Nikki survived and returned just the way she was. but she had only six months to say her goodbyes, before the Everneath claim her again for good.

the book was an absolutely addictive read. Nikki was a character so easy to root for. the mysteries circling the Everneath and its Everlivings started out slightly complicated, but by putting myself in Nikki’s shoes, I soon caught up with its history as well as the reason why Nikki was so special. both Cole and Jack were so frustrating to watch, yet so likable at some other times. although I wanted Nikki to end up with Jack, her original boyfriend; I couldn’t find myself hating Cole, which was rare since the third wheel often got to me. i was surprised when I reached the end of the book as I was so absorbed I failed to notice it approaching. fortunately, I had the next book lined up and ready for another addictive read.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sovereign #2: The Offering (2014)

The Offering

after escaping the colony, Cori survived the wilderness with Dylan’s help and knowledge. she was pursued by the colony’s armies, which in returned attracted the Savages’ attention. the Saveges easily destroyed the small army and forcefully brought Cori and Dylan back to their hideout. with an army sent to retrieve the duo, the Savages were certain that there must be something valuable about the duo. Cori managed to gain the trust of their leader, Tyce, and they continued their journey, reaching a colony called Mercy, where they met with the most unexpected surprise.

I received the free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. I was unable to pry myself from the book since its very first page. while I initially thought Cori could finally settled down with a far more normal life with Dylan, I was of course, dead wrong. the adventure definitely doesn’t stop there. joining the Savages was another whole new storyline to follow, which I was even more absorbed compared to the prison life within the colony. half way through the book however, the story started involving science and medical, which I was not a huge fan of. again, I pulled myself through just to get to the juicy part, knowing all the painful details has got to pay off in the end, just like the previous installment did.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sovereign #1: Sovereign (2012)


Cori had been held captive since she was seven. The war had destroyed most of the world, forcing the last civilization to form a new colony. she lived with all the other underage children, separated based on their genders. she only had a few months left before she was to join the adults, serving the colony as a Guard due to her physical capabilities. the problem was, Cori longed for freedom and often broke the laws purposely. she spent her last underage year planning for an escape, however the death of their leather shortened the amount of time, forcing her to put her plan on hold.

I received a free e-book from the author in exchange for a review. the book started out slightly overwhelming, with more than enough information about the colony as well as its history, which I found myself skipping lines just to get to the juicy part. action wise, it was very captivating that I often held my breath following Cori’s encounters. I feared for her although I didn’t appreciate her provoking dangerous people, but it definitely made her tough character more perceivable. after the introduction, the plot started going uphill, which had me flew through the pages easily. since then, Cori became increasingly relatable and soon won my heart. no matter how cheesy it was for her to enjoy touching after being forbidden to do so for so many years, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy every moment of it. with a beautiful twist at the end of the story, the seemingly perfect ending became a huge cliffhanger, which had me grateful to already have my hands on the second installment.