Monday, June 18, 2007

Bleach / Yui 吉岡唯


since the musical thingy got me started on bleach .. so lemme continue adding some more bleach related thingy. started noticing Yui from one of bleach's theme, "Rolling Star". n noticed her strong voice. found her 2007 album - "can't buy my love" - (released in April 04, 2007) n she rocks !! well .. erm she is not exactly rocking the stage type of girl .. n honestly, she is too shy for rock. you can find her standing the the middle of the stage with little movement, yet her voice told a totally different story. i am simply amazed.

here are some background on Yui:
- name: Yoshioka Yui (吉岡唯)
- born: March 26, 1987
- origin: Fukuoka, Japan
- genre: J-Pop/J-Rock/Alternative

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