Sunday, June 24, 2007

Changes - Accept or Reject?

read a book recently. talks about self development, n what life offers us. why can some people be rich, but not us? why do some people gain wealth, n lose it in a blink of an eye? it sent my spine tingling reading through the book. the discovery !! the excitement !! the "wow" factor !!

n somehow, it reminds me of a friend, whom recently is troubled over whether to change his job. the current job is what he is good in. the amount of experiences he gained over the years for being in the field. the new job however, is a totally new area he will be exposed to if he does accept the new job. the nature of his first job, which is outstation-based, is to his liking n preference. the second job requires him to stay in the office during working hours, which would be a whole new experience n challenge for him. yet the second job offers a better future because of its wide variety n "power" that comes within. the battle of comparison continues. nothing else but dilemmas n self contradictions ..

why does this happen ?

because change is difficult. n changes are mostly painful. with my friend's situation, as much as the second job offers a brighter future compared to the first, accepting the changes will be a pinch nevertheless. it took great effort n mental preparation to accept these changes.

but are changes bad?

not exactly, the difficult changes are usually aimed for the good, for the better. changes that aimed for the bad are as easy as a snap of fingers. do you agree otherwise?

with the pain of changes, there comes a gain - growth. personal growth. personal development. extending ourselves to a whole new area. the key here, lies in what our focuses are. the positives or the negatives?

"the starting of Pain, is where the Fun begins". after all, this is what life is about, isn't it?

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