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thanks to a friend - aaron - that im introduced to the "daughtry". had been trying to catch his name ever since i heard "it's not over" on the radio, but failed to do so. out of coincidence we started discussing about rock music n he introduced "it's not over" to me. can't help but to jump in excitement !! :D

chris daughtry was a contestant in the American Idols (Season 5). he was the final 4. voted off on May 10, 2006. he then became the lead vocalist of "Daughtry" - a rock band he formed in 2006. the album was released in November 21, 2006. he has a strong voice, love it lots when he started screaming .. in the songs that is. hehe. n with the rock music supporting him in the background, its nothing more but paradise in chocolate dip .. :)

here are some backgrounds on chris :
- name: Christopher Adam Daughtry
- born: December 26, 1979
- origin: McLeansville, North Carolina, USA

the "Daughtry"
- Chris Daughtry (Vocals), Josh Paul (Bass), Joey Barnes (Drums), Brian Craddock (Guitar), Josh Steely (Guitar)
- formed: 2006
- genre: Hard Rock

below are some pictures taken from the Daughtry Official Site ..

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