Saturday, June 23, 2007


"Tasik Biru" (碧湖, Blue Lake ?? *sweat* :p) is located in Bau, Sarawak. its not far the distance from Bau town area. below are some photographs of "tasik biru" taken with my mum's Kodak CX7310 ..

loved the way the lake is able to mirror its environment. the trees n bushes can be seen in the water. as well as the clouds in the sky. the calmness of the lake gives a soothing feeling that totally deflect our hectic lives. a perfect view. guess this is what they called "the beauty of nature". :)

fiction or facts?
- it is advisable not to swim in "tasik biru", for its alkaline substance.
- an accident happened years back. causing a school-bus of students drowned.

*shivers* these are the statements yet to be proven. do you know the truth?


  1. Tasik Biru to the local people is kind of haunted, many people died in this lake before. The busload of student plunged into this lake is true. It happened in 1979 while I was in that same school. Many swimmers drowned here. The arsenic content of the lake water is very high after they re-mined the lake for gold in the late 80's.Local folks would not come here at night. Did you notice a temple near the lake on your right hand side during your visit?

  2. yup, i did saw the temple. wow! n you were from that particular school *sweat* ..

    why do calm n beautiful things have to have some disturbing facts about them? making it unperfect ..