Friday, June 22, 2007

rainbow ring..

there was a very cool phenomena today. it happened around 11:50am, n last for not more than 30 minutes. with the sun as bright n the weather as sunny, the rainbow formed a perfect circle around the sun. as if it were trying to beautify the sun, which we barely care to notice.

this phenomena is however quite usual in countries with four seasons. the reason it happens here is because of the quick change of weather. it had been raining quite fiercely for the pass few days, causing the air to be wet. n today the weather was rather hot for a change. therefore with the bright sunshine versus the wet air, the rainbow formed. the brightest place in the air would of course be the sun.

some told me it is the end of the world, which i found rather hilarious. it is a beautiful scene. never occurs to me for 1 second that the world is coming to an end. it is just the climate. so fear not, n enjoy. ;)

below are some of the photographs taken with my mum's Kodak CX7310 ..


  1. hey really nice pics. i like it =)

  2. oo hehe .. thx !! *blush* :)

  3. frankie .. can we exchange blog links ? :)

  4. Emm... It is called as cirrostratus cloud...

    I took photo few months ago...
    Click here
    Click here

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