Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tactics タクティクス (2004)


ichinomiya kantarou is an ethnologist (ethnologist are people that analyze culture with regards to the historical development). he has the ability to communicate with youkai (goblin,妖怪). but instead of hunting them out of malice, Kantarou befriended them.

youkai have to follow the one who named them n released them from their seal. so together with an oni (demon,鬼)-eating tengu (a type of goblin,天狗) - haruka, and a kitsune (fox,狐) youkai - youko, which are both released by kantarou, the trio solved spiritual mysteries.besides the exorcism of evil spirits, the relationship between kantarou n haruka are the main focus of the anime. haruka is black winged, which makes him some sort of evil, yet pure. he shows his evil side from time to time, yet most of the time he is calm n withdrawn. hm .. alright, im being inconsistent here.

enjoyed the traditional background of this anime. it is clean n well-drawn. kantarou is always wearing a traditional garb. and the characters wore kimonos and older Japanese clothes. haruka was wearing a traditional garb as well, when he was first released from his seal. but after suzu-chan (a young friend of theirs, which liked haruka) brought him a tux, he had been wearing it for the rest of the anime. dang !!

imagine myself back at those times .. :p
some backgrounds on the anime:
- episodes: 25
- director: Hiroshi Watanabe
- year: 2004
- language: Japanese
- genre: Fantasy/Shounen

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