Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Namewee 黄明志

bloggers n "online-citizens" had been going crazy n excited with a latest youtube thingy.

明志 composes songs n lyrics that portrays the Malaysia's government's attitudes, the unfair issues of how some races are being mistreated, etc. n he is therefore being "hunt-down" by the government, threatening to sentence him to prison.

attached is the newspaper cutting taken from 明志's blog ..

some backgrounds on 明志:
- born: 1983
- origin: Muar, Johor, Malaysia
- current location: Taiwan
- blog: 我的名字叫明志

the 2 songs in relate to the "hunt-down":
- 明志- 被抓之歌
- Negarakuku

other songs by 明志:
- 麻玻的华语 (Muar Chinese)
- 麻坡的华语 (忘词版)
- Kawanku (我的朋友)
- 可怜的小弟
- One Night Stand

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