Friday, July 27, 2007


an adorable cake bought by my mum, on my birthday. it has been a while that i ate a "kid's" cake. haha.

but again, it is the person who bought the cake that matters. i didn't mind a small cake, she knew i love cats. getting me a cat in Japanese style - the Maneki Neko (招き猫) - is a Plus.

i ate quite a few round of cakes this birthday. once during a small birthday party organized among close friends (oreo n cocoa), once with devil (strawberry), n once with mum (fresh cream).

i have my mood with sweet things, sometimes i dislike them, sometimes i yearn for them. the mood while eating them with friends, with devil, n with my mum makes it even sweeter than it is.

well, definitely enough sweetness to last for quite a while ..


  1. So nice de cake!! haha.. nways, happy birthday again!!

  2. haha thx !!
    thats so sweet of u .. ;)