Friday, July 13, 2007


i'm back !!

had been away for 7 days in a row. last weekend, went to Sematan with a group of friends, for a 2 days n 1 night stay. n the continuous 5 days n 4 nights, i was in Kuala Lumpur (KL) with my sister. do i miss home? well .. not really. but i sure miss my computer n my blog.

the stay at Sematan .. let's just say .. it wasn't quite what i expected. or did i expect too much? had been reasoning with myself since that day. but whenever i recalled, it sure felt empty .. n lonely ..

i don't need a person to be placed beside me. i just want the person to be close to my heart. someone that cares as much as i cared for him/her. someone that is able to reply my affection. n not leaving me to cry in the dark at night ..

the trip to KL however, was a total opposite n an overwhelming experience. i'm physically exhausted from the trip, yet felt so alive n content !! i wouldn't ask for more. :p the tight schedule, the exploration with my sister, n the consistent phone calls that i received from devil, all meant so much to me during these few days. i was rushing n doing routine stuff everyday. yet at the end of each day, apart from being physically tired, i felt content n was smiling while i slumbered the night away. life can't get any sweeter than this.

a sudden realization strikes me. it doesn't matter "where" you are going. it only matter "who" you are going with. does that person has a good relationship with you? has a stable relationship with you? it is the mood, the "feel" that matters. the person you share the experience with.

towns n cities, mountains n seas .. well, they are everywhere. yet the person you went with, only exist in this world - as 1 person - either closely or loosely related to you.

treasure n consistently shows our care for those beside us, we never knew when we might lose the one that understands us the most.

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