Monday, July 16, 2007

Dogdog Pain.

meet with an unexpected incident 2 days ago. kinda eerie n sent my hair standing just by recalling it ..

on my way home late night, around 11pm, in devil's Civic. not far before reaching my house. something black went under our drive. then we heard a loud thump under the car. the car bounced a little. n a dog's cry started sounding non-stop. the black thing was a dog. it went directly under the car, without knocking by the car, but it hit the exhaust n burnt its skin. *shiver*

devil continued to drive forward slowly, hoping the dog would come out from the back of the car, but it didn't. he reversed the car, hoping it will come out from the front, it didn't either. the sounds of it rolling under the car, n hitting the bottom of the car, was clear. maybe too clear .. the cries continued. we stopped the car, speechless, holding our breathes n staring at each other, not knowing what action to take next. the dog's scent spread quickly, so did the burnt scent.

when the driver's door was thrown opened by devil, the yapping n the crying became more vivid. my heart went cold. fearing the worst. the struggling sound under the car hasn't stop. thump .. thump .. thump .. the car shook a little. the deep silence of the night making it worse to bear. slowly its head emerged under the driver's door. it dashed toward its house, stealing peeks toward us along the way. we watched in fear n amazement. thank god it is fine ..

the dog's n burnt scent reduced as we pulled the distance. it is difficult not to feel disturbed. it may be common to see the body of a small animal lying by the roadside, unattended by irresponsible drivers. yet when it happens to our own selves, the fear, the guilt, the heart aching, all seeps in silently. life is precious, is priceless, is what gives us the challenge n chance in search of happiness. let it not slipped pass us without us ever feeling grateful for it.

as much as i feared the experience, i was forced to embrace it. it was a nonexchangeable experience. n it reminded me to consistently treasure the lives around me.

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