Sunday, July 29, 2007


when i was asked what is my dream, my aim in life. i was stunned. i didn't know what to answer. should it be personal desire? or should it be based on the society or country? ..

slowly, an image surfaced in my mind .. i want to build a family. a warm, loving, close-relationship family. that we shall share nothing other than everything !! the thought enlightens me, overwhelms me. giving me the thrill. yes, this is my aim, my dream. it may not be my only aim in life, but it is far most what i see important for now.

in my current family, we basically mind our own business. we only gathered during dinner or special occasions/outings. this happens maybe because we are a small family. used to be 4 members, now 3 after my sister got married. us children barely got involved in the "adult's" activities. which makes us strangers when incidents occur.

i despise the older generation saying, which sounds "children don't need to know too much". no, but what is family without involvement? what is family without sharing the happiness as well as difficulties?

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