Sunday, July 15, 2007


it sometimes amazed me with the various type of people in this world.

during my trip to KL, i met with quite a few taxi drivers. some were quiet, some were chatter-box, some bad-mouthed other taxi drivers, some tried to sweet-talk us, but one particular taxi driver amused me the most ..

it was a ride to KLCC. the time around 4pm, when the traffic was starting to get heavy. we caught a taxi from the taxi station. n he nodded when we said "KLCC". reached a junction after 3-4 minutes ride, he wanted to drop us off from there, n walk to KLCC ourselves. but erm .. we don't know the way. n which we later find out - is far.

when we refused, he started showing attitude. shaking his head, sighing loudly, hitting the steering wheel. annoying acts that was meant to get us. oh yeah we were pissed !! would love to smack the back of his head that very second. *taking long n deep breathes*

he was the one nodding at the first place, n now he is the one complaining. can you believe how inconsistent he is? or maybe its because we are just bunch of girls?

he totally ruined the mood. but instead of fighting or screaming back at him, we do what most Malaysian would do - we stepped back. let him finish his job, n let us get the hell out of his car. it is pointless to further worsen the situation.

does it make us happy to belittle others? does it satisfy us when we hurt others? there are enough battles, fights, n disagreements in this world, let there be more peace. we choose to step back, took a deep breathe, n reassuring ourselves that we will not make the same idiotic mistake to others. let it go ..

or maybe he didn't have the best day of his life either .. professionalism .. hello .. d'oh ..


  1. Then in the end wad happened? did he send u ppl to KLCC??? nways, how's de trip to KLCC?? so envy eh.. ;)

  2. yup he did .. we refused to get off his car at the middle of the way ..

    hm .. the trip was alright .. but the mood was kinda ruined .. haha .. ^^"