Monday, August 13, 2007

Disappointment? Forgiveness.

suppose to hang out this morning, with friends that will soon leave for overseas. getting up early, preparing for it. n received an sms during the process. "the outing is canceled" ..

what the ..

the world seems to evolve around her. n everyone else have to listen to her? (d'oh!) should get used to her by now. the rest of us were so disappointed. but it is not the first time she did this. so .. *shrug*

the chance for the whole bunch to hang out together is getting slimmer n slimmer as time creep up on us silently. as hard as it is to gather everyone at a same time, i guess we just have to bear with her.

whether to blame or to forgive her is our own perspective n choice. forgiveness is difficult. yet why dwell on what we can't change? it is purely pointless blaming her for who she IS. but the thing that we CAN do, is not to let ourselves be the person that she is.

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