Monday, August 27, 2007

Give n Take.

my motto used to be "treat others how they treat you". when others give 50%, i would return 50%. but does it have to be this way? no, of course it doesn't. we are reserved, afraid of being "hurt", afraid of being rejected. the other person may be waiting for us to "give" too. while we were all waiting, what will happen? probably nothing, n probably never ..

actually .. if i were to give 50% first. the chance of getting 50% or more back, is higher. that is, if compared to waiting for another person to give first.

had been trying this for quite a while - i may not be happy all the time, but tried to consciously keep a smile on my face. for my smile may influence another person, lighten their day. n that person in return, may influence me as well, making my day. complicated?

well, i'm not faking it or something. but to be down or gloom, doesn't quite help anything at all. instead of dwelling in it, why not take a leap out of the pit? having face problem doesn't mean to dwell in our "complaints" or "unluckiness", but to solve it n learn from it.

previously, i was told to make a choice, n practice it. i was warned that it will be difficult to maintain it. i now feel it. in every choice that i made, consistently practicing those choices has been a pain. but i believe once it has become a habit, it will be profitable not to others, but to ourselves.

have an open heart, n you may find happiness that lies close by ..

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