Tuesday, August 07, 2007


hasn't been blogging since last friday. as i had been working for 12 hours per day until yesterday. *pant*

i was helping out at my sister's bridal shop. it is currently UNIMAS's graduation season. graduates n their families came into the shop like swarms of bees. more active during evening than day time though. haha.

as imaginable, it is hectic. doesn't feel the least bit exhaustion while the process is still on-going. but at the end of the day, finding my energy level totally drained. even the late dinners seemed to take so much energy to complete.

as bad as it sounds, i enjoyed it a lot. the mood between everyone working was light, harmony. we were always laughing about stuff in between these hectic routines. it was hectic yet contenting.

i seemed to focus a lot on contentment lately. feeling content .. happy .. n joy ..

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