Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kungfu Actors

these are the actors that knew n train real Kung Fu. most of them started learning martial arts at a young age. which its charm n attitude is later portrayed in a shake of their fists.

1) Andy (安志杰)
- born: May 11, 1976
- origin: Rhode Island, USA (美国)
- filmography: Invisible Target (男儿本色), New Police Story (新警察故事), Star Runner (少年阿虎), Black Mask 2: City of Masks (黑侠II)

2) Donnie (甄子丹)
- born: July 27, 1963
- origin: Hong Kong (香港)
- filmography: Flash Point (导火线), Dragon Tiger Gate (龙虎门), Seven Swords (七劍), SPL (杀破狼),Hero (英雄), Fist of Fury (精武门), Twins Effect I n II (千机变).

3) Jason (吴京)
- born: April 3, 1974
- origin: China (中国北京)
- filmography: Invisible Target (男兒本色), Fatal Contact (黑拳), SPL (杀破狼), Twins Mission (双子神偷)

4) Collin (邹兆龙/倪星)
- born: August 11, 1967
- origin: Taiwan (台湾高雄)
- filmography: Flash Point (导火线), Fearless (霍元甲), The Defender (中南海保镖), Matrix Reloaded n Revolution

5) Shi Xingyu (释行宇)
- born: December 27, 1978
- origin: China (中国山东)
- filmography: Flash Point (导火线), KungFu Hustle (功夫), Dragon Tiger Gate (龙虎门)

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