Thursday, August 23, 2007

Secret 不能说的·秘密 (2007)


hm .. this is not a film that i can finish explaining in one short paragraph. this film is written, directed, starred by Jay himself. at the age of 28 (January 18, 1979), we've gotta admit his achievements. after watching this film, my mind was racing. what else is in his head ?!! for those who told me this film was boring, for having too many conversations, i guess i've gotta thank them. i expect less out of this film because of them. n there is where the "wow" comes from. like the poster had made us feel, it is a romance. a twisted romance. or to be more accurate, a twisted storyline for a romance. but in a good way of course. i was impressed with the storyline the most. at many points when we thought it was "the end", it wasn't. the final scene is what really concluded everything beautifully. n makes us go "aw..". n filled our heart with warmth. this film is definitely a recommendation, even to non-Jay fans. he will not be directing any more movies for the following 3 years. so catch it while you can.

some backgrounds on the movie:
- director: Jay (周杰伦)
- released: 2007
- casts: Jay (周杰伦), 桂綸鎂, Anthony (黃秋生)
- language: Mandarin
- genre: Romance

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