Friday, August 17, 2007


inspired by one of the book that i just finished reading. one of the best ways to feel happy n content, is by "not asking too much" from others.

in a lot of situations, especially toward people that are closer to us, we tend to "expect" them to behave in some ways, to satisfy us. which we later become disappointed n depressed when they do not have the same thought, or share the same interest.

the problem is barely ever from the situations that we faced in life. it is the perspective that we stand. when we started using our own perspective to "measure" others, the balance is immediately tilted.

why not change our perspective to their perspective? put ourselves in their shoes. understand what is it exactly that they meant.

it may not solve the problem. but might help in expanding our thoughts. instead of drilling in the "judgmental" n negative emotions, n restricting our analyzing abilities.

threat them as strangers, or merely friends. for we do not "ask for more" from strangers n friends.

angry at someone? Stop! are we "expecting" them to threat us otherwise?

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