Friday, September 14, 2007

Naraka 19 地狱第19层 (2007)

Naraka 19

this is not a ghost story. it is more of the adventure to the "unknown dimension" between the living n the dead, as they travel back n fro. n despite its old-fashioned title, it started with Mobile Phone's SMS feature .. the film is based on an Internet-novel, written by 蔡骏. it is written in pseudo-psychological themes. it managed to capture the interest of its audiences, yet not fulfilling. it ultimately ended in muddled n pretty much inconclusive. the first thing i asked right after the film ended, is "what?". *blurred* the girls enter an SMS "game" where they traveled to each level of Hell, in hopes of passing through them all and reaching a fabled 19th level. they got invited via a text message. n at the appointed time, they warped into a level of Hell. they faced obstacles - personal - before making it to the exit, thus solving the level and earning them passage to the next level. If they don't pass the level, then in the real world they suicide. its like a curse thingy .. those - like me - who like their movies tied up in neat little packages, may feel unfulfilled. because there are no visible ending. some characters face their personal demons head on, others in circles. in the end, no one reaches level 19 .. *sweat* though the journey is not a waste, but again, it is not concluded ..

some backgrounds on the movie:
- director: Carol (黎妙雪)
- released: 2007
- casts: Gillian (钟欣桐), Patrick (谭耀文)
- language: Cantonese
- genre: Thriller/Horror

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