Monday, September 24, 2007

Sweet Rain.

rain has never been as sweet ..

under the shower of rain, walking in fast-pace. following slightly behind, my palm was totally covered in his. he led me through the crowds, along the street, through the mountains of umbrellas. everything - are merely shadows playing in the background. we are totally in our little fairyland. paradise indeed ..

away from the crowd, filtered from all the noises. we then sat in a café - a place that felt ancient. no memories of the crowds, yet i remembered the flickers in his eyes clearly. from across the table, knowing smiles escape our lips. a smile that speaks more than a thousand words. contentment filled me ..

who would have known, the choice between "Strawberry" n "Honeydew" could turn out to be a wonderful night ?? who would have thought, a slow-paced relationship would take such a huge leap out of thin air ??

an ordinary night -- sugar-coated, filled with overwhelming sweetness ..