Wednesday, September 12, 2007


thank you so much - 宝茹, Cometh, jimmychin, Prim3 - for the concerns that i've received.

i do get some "don't think too much" responses. but no, i won't stop thinking. *tongue out* :p the reason being - i care. n i will improve, aiming n performing a better solution.

i do not despise the so call "bad-emotions" (sadness, disappointment, anger, conflicts). for i hold strongly for my belief towards "what comes after" these bad-emotions. if they lead to better-emotions (understanding, happiness, contentment), i will be more than willing to welcome these bad-emotions with open arms.

happiness are temporary, are circumstantial. sadness will have a greater reflect on the happiness that i will feel. therefore i do not fear them. sadness n conflicts will lead to a better tomorrow. hanging on, holding strong, i believe i will be understood.

i fear doubts .. doubts of "not being able to make it". *shaking my head hardly* no no !! this thought will Not concur me !! *blocked*

having faith ..


  1. Keep the faith! :)

    ...and smile! :)

  2. thank you so much. *feeling touched* :)