Friday, October 12, 2007


went to a pet shop few days back, to get yuki's canned food supply. there is this hyper-active pup inside. loves to spread its paws widely across the floor. but seconds later, it will struggle to stand up, n again spread his paws just few steps further. it was hilarious !! i was chasing it around the shop, just to take a clearer shot of it. n this is by far the best i can come up with .. :p


  1. I like puppies more than kittens/// =p

  2. 宝茹: haha yup !! that's why for the trouble of chasing it around n have the shopkeeper looking at me. :p

    cometh: a lot of my friends agreed on that. pups over kittens thingy. haha !! pups n kittens are quite similar to me. the only difference is that i'm able to own a cat, not a dog (for now). hehe. ;)