Monday, October 15, 2007

embracing nature..

pretty view from the mountain top ..

simply yet contented. happiness is all that matters .. :)

the trip to the mountain -Mount Matang (Kubah National Park)- was a trip that rewarded me generously. a trip that shows my strengths. n in return, gain me an increment of admiration n recognition from him. he showered me with kudos after kudos. approvals that i had been seeking high n low for.

Thank You -devil- for such a great weekend. a holiday that was made full use of, n tighten our bond further. it couldn't have been better .. *gratitude* :)


  1. oh shits, I miss this post in ur blog. I heard of this place before. Nice mountain view from the picture. That place difficult to hike?

  2. hm .. probably need some stamina for its steeps. but since the road is prepared beforehand, you don't need to hike like a jungle or something. just walk on the path prepared.
    an 1 hour plus hike if non-stop. worth the experience though. hehe. there is this wooden tower thingy at the end of the journey, which you can climb up. the view was overwhelming !!
    "i'm the king of the world !!" kinda feeling. :D