Monday, October 01, 2007

Holding Hands.

2 days back, while walking through a crowded coffee shop, saw an old couple. both white-haired n wrinkled. not someone we would usually laid our eyes on. walking pass them, something about them caught me ..

they are holding hands. firmly n tightly. in a "locked to me" style. (read below for explanation)
Physical intimacy is part of fostering your bond with each other. Holding hands is an intricate part of your relationship. Whether you do it in private or public, holding hands doesn't only connect your emotions, but enhances it as well.

One of the most common types of holding hands is the “locked to me” way. Interlocking your fingers with hers. Do this by putting your palms together, as if in prayer. As your palms align, the fingers will naturally align.

As your relationship grows, you may discover other ways of holding hands, and those that will suit the both of you. The important thing is never letting go, for as long as your hands are together, you and her become one.
he lead her through the crowd. slowly and cautiously. looking back at her from time to time making sure she is doing alright. it touches my heart. for how many couples are still so loving, so tender n close to each other's heart when they are old ?? how many do we see around us ??

we may see Englishman holding hands quite often, but rarely among Chinese. maybe it is something we ought to remind ourselves of ..


  1. Nice post .. sometimes small things have a great value ..

  2. Interesting.

    But there are Chinese who hold hands~

  3. sani: yup, small things n little actions that shows how you actually feel inside. unconsciously showing it most of the time.

    宝茹: yea, but "rarely" ?? :)