Wednesday, October 24, 2007


has been a fan of Kadaj since 2006, after finished watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (released in 2005). can't help but to drool all over the town for him. i failed to find any posters or figurines of his. all i have, is his wallpaper on my desktop, staring at me intensely. *drools*

until last year, i received a present from devil -a set of poster printouts of Kadaj- !! almost jump hysterically in Pizza Hut. *chuckles* n lately i managed to find a small figurine. not authenticated nor original (only Prim3 -the true Otaku- can obtain figurines in his miles-long wish-list !!).

there are many sayings in "who is Kadaj" - Sephiroth reborn, Sephiroth cloned, Sephiroth's little brother, an agent of the silver-haired-villains .. ?? he's sleek, he's sexy, he's sadistic, he's shimmering in silver. he dresses in leather n fights with a dual blade katana (刀、かたな) - named "Souba". the main reason we slaver over him is: he's Hot !! n burning !! nothing else matters, really .. ;)

other FF fans:
-Fattien- is a fan of Sephiroth.
he had posted on the "Reunion Profile" that he bought. :)


  1. 想不到你是Kadaj的喜好者?


  2. 是哦!超喜欢他的。还想再看呢!嘻嘻。


  3. Found another FF fans here, kadaj is cool in FF7 advent children.
    I have post this before but I like Sephiroth. here the link

  4. cool~ lemme add a link of your post in mine. hehe. ;)

  5. Kadaj很帅!
    I m one of his fans too. XD~