Saturday, October 27, 2007

Racing Stripes (2005)

Racing Stripes

a baby zebra was accidentally left behind by a traveling circus. it was found by a horse trainer n his daughter named it Stripes. Stripes grew up believing that he is a racehorse. with the farm animals' help, he succeed in achieving his racing dream. this is a cute movie, often compared to the similar framework movie - Babe, where the animals talk to each other. not exactly an excellent movie, pretty much predictable. but it is definitely a light-hearted n comfortable movie .. despite using human voice for the animals, they actually did apply some real animal noises, which is very cool !! makes the film much more believing n enjoyable. animals with human voices are not exactly to my liking. i do prefer animals staying n behaving like animals. that's what makes them so cute !! watching the expressions of the animals are the best enjoyment of this film ..

some background on the movie:
- director: Frederik Du Chau
- released: 2005
- casts: Frankie Muniz, Hayden Panettiere
- language: English
- genre: Family

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