Thursday, October 18, 2007

Japanese Club.

our school's Japanese Club n Anime Club had an annual dinner this past Monday night, at Sanga Japanese Food (山河日本料理). regardless of contribution, the limited numbers of members that hang on till Level 3 in the Japanese Language class, had made me one of the seniors, as well as a committee member of the club. which i only found out during the certificate handout session.

the diner was Fully occupied by us. there were hardly any space to move around in !! the food was quite nice. average, though hardly buffet style as promised. but then again, it was the experience that matters. i'm honored to be sharing the same interest with this bunch of friends that i made, which i wouldn't know otherwise. a common interest that bound us together.



  1. wow! you're already on Nihongo Level 2? Impressive! ^-^
    I still need to seriously work on mine. ^-^

  2. hehe. thanks !! *blushed*
    what level are you at now ?? aren't you in Japan ?? i suppose there are so much more chance to practice it. *envious*

  3. Woh, Level 2? JLPT Level 2? Cool..

    I only took JLPT LEvel 4, pass then halfway through JLPT Level 3 class drop already due to clashes in timetable...

    Almost forget all already... =p

  4. wait a minute .. started from Level 4 proceed to Level 1 ?? *sweat* sorry for the mistake. i'm at Level 3 now. sorry .. *ashamed*

  5. hello!
    yes, I have all the opportunities to practice it... but my interest in learning more comes and goes... (almost non-existent, actually ^-^)
    I only took level 4. I was planning on proceeding to level 3 but decided to do it next year.
    I still have no plans of taking level 2 coz my Kanji skill is still horrible. ^-^

  6. oo i see. its very true that language requires much interest. else it would be hard to hang on. a motivation to get you moving. hehe. totally get it.
    がんばって !! :)