Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tag: The Age That I Wish to Go Back To

i was tagged by -宝茹-. has been a while since i was able to sit in front my computer desk, getting all comfy n Not doing my assignment. oh wait .. i need to continue my project later. *dizzy* lets just continue with the tag i owe 宝茹 for now.
*rewinding my thoughts in slow motion*

well, personally, everything that i've gone through so far ain't pointless. it is what makes me who i am. it is the experience that built the -me- the way i'm today. so .. no regrets so far.

just for the sake of the tag, lets review part of my not-so-interesting history ..

i was quite unhappy back in high school. the pressure of being a teacher's daughter for 11 years had finally got its tow on me. people expecting me for never-ending "this n that", while all i wanted is just to be an anonymous among the crowd.

finally in my college years, i felt no more like a caged bird. had the greatest time of my life during these short 2 years. enjoying myself to the fullest !! n of course, it doesn't mean that i'd stopped doing well in my studies (if that even went through your mind, sorry to disappoint you ..)

so maybe .. just maybe .. i will consider going back to that period of time, when everything seems so simple n cheerful. but then again, i do not dislike the life i have now. in fact, i pretty much welcome the challenges !! Come What May ~

as i remembered being told by a wise person, it is the Perspective that matters. i still recall what he said from time to time, paying attention to the attitude that i have especially when thrown with difficulties or challenges in life .. what would he say in such n such situation ?? .. what would he do ?? ..

Thank You -Mr. Li- for playing a big part in training my thoughts. i attended a class that i realized soon after, is what i needed the most. without it, i would still be digging my own grave, trapped n blinded. thank you for leading me n showing me perspective. consulting me when i thought the world is entirely dimmed. with gratitude, i Thank You for your guidance.

-the end-

that's all for my story. hope it assists you in understanding the inner part of me a little bit more. :) n lastly, for who to tag next .. *evil laugh*

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Title: The Age That I Wish To Go Back To
Requirement: Write about the one age that you wish to go back to and why?
Tag Mode: 5 blogger
1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.

The Age that they Wish to Go Back to:
1) Prim3 (still so totally in my list !!)
2) Cherry - I wanna go back to yesterday (10th October).
3) HoLyDeViL - 我会选择回到12岁那年。
4) Lee Chien
5) Spookygrace

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  1. Thanks for doing the tag! :)

    College years are very memorable indeed. :D

  2. 蛮有意思的~

  3. 宝茹: thx for the tagged !! it was fun. hehe .. :)

    beck lim: 挺少机会玩的,所以还好吧。要不要改天约你一份哦 ?? 嘻嘻 !! :p

  4. hello, levian..
    i replied ur tag already.