Monday, November 26, 2007

School Days スクールデイズ (2007)

School Days

the anime was introduced by -Prim3-. it started off well, pretty much your average anime - romance between high schoolers. i was dead wrong. for such a cute anime, this is definitely one of the very Twisted one !! with blood n violence. yes, i've just warned you. but it might still be a recommendation if you want something different.

some backgrounds on the anime (アニメ):
- episodes: 12
- director: Keitaro Motonaga (元永慶太郎)
- released: 2007
- language: Japanese
- genre: Romance/Horror


  1. Just be prepare for the ending.... it's not what you expect.......

    Not for those below 18 years old....

  2. hehe. they should most probably be warned. ;)

  3. yup... definitely need lots of warnings.... since the ending is..... better not say.....

  4. haha. *hush* lets not ruin it for anyone, shall we ?? ;)