Friday, November 09, 2007


was taking my night off as usual n abruptly discover comforts in familiarity. with friend or lover whom we hung around for so long, we tend to get so accustomed to each other, thus impulsively taking everything for granted.

stopping in pace n looked over my shoulder, i suddenly conceived the importance of these foreign stages. we had come so far n it sure ain't child's play. how easy can it possibly be for someone to transform from a total stranger to someone so close to us ??

the ability to be oneself, portrays the distance between 2 people. i therefore treasure the most, the feeling of being able to express - a clear sign of familiarity. remove all phony acts or pretended make-believes. let it be expressing happiness, sadness or even anger. free to be who we are, free to be Me ..


  1. The more people are apart, the closer they get. Something like that~~ :D

  2. i agree, it makes us realized that we actually miss seeing that person. but honestly, i don't believe in distance relationship. :p well, because it won't last for me, that is. no offense to those we struggled to maintain theirs. i kinda admire their courage !! :)