Sunday, November 11, 2007


a very pleasant weather in the evening. pleasant as in very windy with rain approaching any time soon. my favorite weather of all. it excites me as the cool breeze stroked my cheeks harshly. my hair flowed behind me as i walked around the garden, drown in the soothing breeze ..

spotted additional members of plants n ended up snapping photos of them to be shared later. :)


  1. are these flowers from your own garden? they look very exotic....

  2. Wow you're lucky to have a garden like this..What kinda plants you've?

  3. fortuitous faery: yup they are. my parents love plants, basically filled the garden with pretty, n sometimes weird, plants. haha. am glad you found interest in them. ;)

    sriram: i'm not exactly sure. anything special or weird they can find i suppose. haha. love it lots whenever taking a walk in the garden. it sure helps to smooth things up. :)