Thursday, November 15, 2007

Laptop Stolen

attention, mortals .. cometh's laptop was stolen !!

sure is one heartless n greedy fellow whoever that was. as always, it is the data that matters. keep the laptop but return the data if you may ..

HP COMPAQ V3000 series

serial number: S2CE6470S97
color: Black
location: near 3rd mile and Saberkas (Kuching)

you can reach cometh at or through this post. or you can even post message in mine, all to your own preference. do help out in any way you find possible. even the slightest help is greatly appreciated. (note: there is a fat reward of -RM 500- offered by cometh !!)

let's join our Forces !!


  1. 哇~怎么那么不小心?

  2. Why get stolen? Un-attended?
    3rd miles many people. should take care.

    Wish your fren can find back the notebook soon~!

    May God Bless Him/her

  3. aiseh,ur fren so generous on d reward ar.
    hope he can find d data back very soon.

  4. aron wong dot com: disturbing indeed ..

    jing: 是哦,发生了也不知该怎么办了…

    johnny: he left it unattended for like 10 minutes !! the thief is definitely aiming for it the moment he left.

    renge: yup, i'm sure the data is very important. *sweat*