Saturday, December 15, 2007


i'm not exactly sure what the OpenID fuss is about. but personally, i find being able to link to my blog from the comments that i posted, to be pretty useful !! instead of linking to my blogger profile page.

first, create an account at OpenID. then access Phydeaux3 for a set of code.

just copy n paste the codes into the "head" of your template. change the XXXXXXX's to your OpenID name.

while commenting, if I choose "Any OpenID" from the dropdown, I can put in as the URL. It will then show as the link in the comment.

now link to your blog (from the comments you posted) just a snap away !!


  1. Aiseh, am just thinking of posting similar post... =p

  2. Don't know what is OpenID, until I saw your post. I will check it out.

  3. Ooohhh...very interesting...but extra work, hahaha :P

  4. what is tat for?
    ahaha Now i know..

  5. cometh: oops !! my bad .. :p

    kljs: new stuff to explore. hehe. ;)

    宝茹: hehe yup. it i wonder why my favicon is gone. maybe its the "head" thingy again. haha. haha. you've got the proof yourself. ;)