Monday, February 04, 2008


is it a girl's fault to be lead by Emotions ?? to be Emotional ?? do guys actually expect us to have more stable emotions like they do ??

what do you think ??


  1. It is not a girls' fault to be emotional since they are born with it. right? BUT it's a girls' fault if they cannot control their emotion. Just don't be too emotional lo. ;-)

  2. err...maybe u r right,gals more emotional.Can see it cuz u almost express ur emotional by blogging it out...=p
    Actually everyone got lar, guys oso got but jz hide it only! ha...or else will be called "xiao qi gui";

  3. I agree that girls are emotional beings.

    A relationship must have a give and take nature.

    If one side gives more than the other, then surely that relationship won't be sustainable.

  4. I think girls being more emotional than guys is nothing more than a social bias. For a long time, females have been restricted to society and so the majority of females tend to have the same attitudes towards life.

    However in the modern world where females and males are free to interact with each other and furthermore where families raise their children differently, we see that this majority attitude is starting to take a turn. We find more and more girls who like to hide their feelings and guys who are more emotional than before.

    However, because it has become a habit for centuries, it will ultimately stay that way for the majority for many more years to come.

    Back to the topic, a guy, when involving himself in a relationship, must be ready to understand and accept the girl for who she is. Well, that goes for the girl too.. ^^

  5. Well..everyone have its emotions. even a guy also got. juz see the way how they show it only and did they wan to show it o not..

  6. Emotions is part of a human being. Without emotions, then we will be robots. There's nothing wrong to be emotional. The important thing is how you manage and control it. Don't let your emotions hijack ur ur thinking.. think should control emotions and not vice versa.. That's where the EQ context comes in.

    No I don't think gals are the only emotional beings in this world.. I have seen tonnes of guys who are emotional too. Some of them just blast off at people in front of others.. like a small kid..

    If you think you are emotional, just learn to control it.. take it as a trait.. everyone is unique.. no need to get bother by it too much.. that's what makes a person different from one another.. but so far, haven't seen any evidence that you are one bah.. what Pui said is not correct.. blogs are meant to express what we think.. lol.. if not why need blogs.. might as well write articles/journals everyday.. don bother with what he says la.. haha..

    also, if I happen to have a gf who is emotional, i will accept her as she is.. since I chose to love her, doesnt make sense I actually donno what type of person she is b4 I actually start to approach her rite? lol.. lol..


  7. guys always emo too.. hhaha...
    but gals worst @@
    always xiang tai duo,,,

  8. yup, guys emo too sometimes. like me :P Agree with Cometh too :) but how we know where is the balance? I think this is the most tricky part :)

  9. wow
    a lot of long comments here.

    guys sometime also got emotional, it depends how you control.

    of course you cannot control it very effectively, but slowly learn to reduce your bad habit.

    then one day, you will feel the difference

    good luck

  10. nothing wrong with emo if its for a reason. also kissing crying girl is best feeling. ^_^

  11. girls are more emotional than boys...that's my opinion

  12. Hi Levian,

    I have Love & Hate tag

    It is up to you to do this tag or not :D

  13. I blame the hormones... hehe
    But then, it's best not to get carried by it.
    If you weren't able to control your emotion... then make up for it ;)