Saturday, January 19, 2008

zoo negara: big cats..

taken a trip to the Zoo Negara, located in Ulu Klang, with the entrance fee of RM15/person. the animals got drowsy because of the rainy weather, most of them were found asleep or lazed around .. *grunt*

the anxious leopard ..

the thirsty tiger ..

my yuki .. can't help it !! :D
(photograph taken with my Moto v3x)

zoo negara: Reptiles
zoo negara: Birds
zoo negara: Tortoise


  1. ur favorite "big cat" is ur zodiac sign as well. *swt*

  2. i'm a biased person, a very very biased person !! *wicked laughters* blame it on Lion King's Simba, fall in love with lions ever since. *puppy eyes*

  3. like this yukis' pose(half ignored its biased owner). buahaha XD

  4. cat's half-closed-eyes actually mean "i have no bad intention towards you" or "i don't have to fend myself from you". a relaxed pose. the total opposite is having wide-opened-eyes, which means "alertness" n "i shall harm you if i have to". so .. he loves me !! :p