Monday, February 04, 2008

Chinese New Year.

this year's CNY (Chinese New Year) falls on the February 7th, 2008 - the "year of the Earth Rat (鼠)" has officially started .. almost !! last year -2007- was the "year of the Fire Boar (亥)", yet Boars hasn't had their greatest year ..
- Boars in Rat years (2008) -

Rat years tend to be times of instability for Boars. you would have experienced several life changes last year. n these changes are likely to influence the outcome of this year. all you need to do, is work with the changes n make necessary improvements. last year’s bad luck will continue to have strong influence over the first half of 2008.

if a Relationship was ended last year, make an effort to pull yourself together. if it was neither ended nor having any plans in marriage, your lover should be pampered to strengthen the relationship.

there are good news on the Financial though, getting plenty of investment opportunities. the first half of 2008 may be difficult to make right decisions caused by the emotional instability (influenced by 2007).

Forewarned is Forearmed. while may not be able to avoid all the Bad Luck that looks set to come your way, steps could be taken to minimize the loss (carrying minimal amount of money, keeping a spare set of keys ..).
my my .. that doesn't look too optimistic for Boars again, doesn't it ?? *chuckled* ah well .. in the meanwhile, we will figure it out along the way ..

Happy Chinese New Year !!
(2008 - Year of the Rat)

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