Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chong Choon Cafe 泉春茶室

located at Abell Road (Kuching), Chong Choon serves its famous Sarawak Laksa, which usually finished before 10 a.m. however, after trying it out, it doesn't meet its standard at all.

the taste ?? average muddiness n not spicy. kinda disappointing i admit .. *frown*


  1. lol.. u say the most famous laksa in kch is disappointing? hey.. ur taste bud is diff from human one hia? hahaha..

    better u try the spin-off chong choon at green height there.. suppose it's opened by the brother.. :)

  2. "i only speak the truth .. i only speak the truth .." (phrase taken from Moulin Rouge) :p

    fyi, i didn't try it out alone. i'm not biased, i've got other tasters proving my taste .. :p hehe. ah well, some shops' qualities does kinda drop after they got famous. it's the "name" that they are using.

    oo where is the shop ?? me wanna try !!!! *hyper*

  3. Agree with levian... Even the afternoon laksa at jolly is FAR more better than it. Famous doens't mean it will be delicious.

  4. another taster has voiced out !! *peace~*

  5. its super good disagree with u :)jangan marah ha...