Sunday, February 17, 2008

culture village..

suppose to be focusing on the signboard ..
ah well, let's focus on the sky then .. :p

took a trip to the culture village (Kuching), which being a local, i'm suppose to at least been there once .. *ehem* anyway, it was quite a trip !! it's like returning to the origin or base or some sort, definitely worth the experience .. ;)

houses of different races in Sarawak ..
(photographs taken with my Moto v3x)


  1. Like the tall wooden buildings with the "nice" staircase soooo much. XD

  2. I was just looking at your header...I want to have animated bugs too! :P How did you make yours?

  3. Eee, I never been to there before... hehe... hopefully someday I can pay a visit there...

    1st time being here to read ur blog, nice blog!!! mind to link u?

  4. levian you never been to cultural village b4? -.-"

  5. very nice place!

    As for me, I haven't been to many places in the Philippines also. But if given the chance and financial capacity, I'd like to explore my country first, then asia, and the world! I wish... :)

  6. jing: yea, the staircase is sooo "nice" !! *sweat*

    宝茹: you can just click on them. they both have the URL on them. it will show you how to embed it into your blog. :)

    akira wah: not at all, would love to exchange links with you !! :D

    prim3: erm .. nop .. :p

    shiera: its not a dream !! it's what i'm gonna do once i started working. traveling will be in my yearly-list (or once every 2 years) !! *evil laughter*