Saturday, February 02, 2008


i was caught off guard while being asked "so you didn't share the photographs you had taken n placed in your blog, in any other online community ?? maybe Flickr??" aha .. n my mouth automatically formed an "O", voicing "no" as the answer ..

the "reminder" caused a sudden realization in me, on how comfortable we usually get with what we already have or knew. yet at times, there are so much more available out there that we can utilize n enhance ourselves with. wait .. did i just make "flickr" into a "life lesson" ??

oh n by the way, it is decided that i'll now post all my photographs from previous post, to my flickr account, which i rarely utilized until now. n of course, that includes my yet to come photographs too. *smiling sheepishly*

thanks for the reminder, -victor- !!


  1. ermmmmm.... got law say anything u put in blog must be in flickr too? haha..

    soli.. don't really know what's so special about flickr.. i keep all my photos in my own photo gallery :P:P

  2. bad prim3 !! you are so turning everything around. *punch punch* but .. but .. i don't have my own photo gallery. *pouts*