Tuesday, February 05, 2008

He versus She.

taken these phrases from -orange- 's post ..

to MEN, a complaint is a challenge to come up with a solution. but often WOMEN are looking for emotional support, not solutions. HE is focused on what he can do, whereas SHE only wants sympathy.

cruel facts, eerily true ..


  1. Ergh....

    Processor not powerful enough to decode the message... :o


    Kinda get it but then at the same time don't get it.

  2. I heard a speaker saying this in a talk:

    When a man complains to a woman, he expects his partner to help him to come out with a solution.

    When a woman complains to a man, she doesn't need any guidance from the man to solve her problems. Usually she would have the solution. She just need her man to listen to her ranting and provide emotional support. :)

  3. rollakid: don't hurt yourself .. *sweat*

    prim3: wow prim3 !! you're really listening, i'm seriously impressed. :) yup, unfortunately what the speaker had mentioned, was true. we would actually ask for a solution if we needed it. ah well ..