Monday, February 11, 2008

CJ7 长江7号 (2008)


no, Stephen is not the main character of this movie, the Boy (Jiao Xu - 徐娇) .. erm correction: Girl .. is. he is a rather talented kid .. with an exaggerated expression .. at times, he .. erm she .. really does look like "just another kid", pure n adorable. as predicted, the story evolves around the little fluffy creature, named cj7 by the kid. the bonding between father n child, is indeed touching .. the father is a poor labour, struggled to earn a living with his kid. while picking leftover garbage one day, the father picked a strange toy. playing with the toy, the kid found out that the toy is able to transformed into a fluffy animal, n named it "cj7". cj7 then helped them through the obstacles faced.

some background on the movie:
- director: Stephen (周星驰)
- released: 2008
- casts: Jiao Xu (徐娇), Stephen (周星驰)
- language: Cantonese
- genre: Comedy/Family


  1. Boy? LOL..

    The character in the movie is a boy..

    The actor is actually a girl!! Oops.. I should say the actress.. :D

  2. wanna watch this movie very badly...
    hope it'll show in US soon!!

  3. Levian,
    Hi, i am coolingstar9, i have just watched CJ7,very touching show, i just write about CJ7 about education, please read and give some little comment.
    Also, let you know that i have added you on my blogroll.

  4. prim3: *sweat* what can be more misleading than this !! i've made the correction, thank you so much for the reminder. *continue sweating*

    beverly's secret: hope you'll enjoy it !! :D

    coolingstar9: i dropped you a comment for the post you mentioned. i hope you like what i shared. hehe. thanks for the link exchange too, i've added yours as well. ;)