Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Astrology

thanks to -pui- for sharing the New Astrology. it was defined as the mixture of Chinese n Western Astro Signs ..

Leo / Pig
- THE SYBARITIC (person devoted to luxury and pleasure) JESTER (clown)

This fiery, conscientious soul will always leave you laughing. Even in the most tragic circumstances, when the chips are down and Leo/Pigs seem to have reached an emotional nadir, from out the shivering bundle of despair will shine one little quip, one last pun or smart remark to bring a smile to your lips. Leo/Pigs cannot help it. They're funny people. It must be the Leo sun shining on the Pig's sincerity meter. Or else it s the Pig's honesty infused with Leo's philanthropic (concern for human welfare and advancement) side. Whatever causes it, this person's sense of Fun will be capital.

As they are packed with emotion, they can also be super sad - even depressive. But they always pull out of their doldrums because these people simply adore living Life with a capital L. Experiencing natural pleasure is their most intimate aim. Food. Love. Children. Home. Countrysides etc.

As they are both Leo and Pig. Sex is high on their list of priorities, I won't go into too much detail here because the juicy parts are a mite off color, but.... the rest will require payment.

Good Compatibilities - Aries Ox......


  1. "As they are both Leo and Pig. Sex is high on their list of priorities, "

    I love this.. hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahaa

  2. added ya mae.. do return d favour n comment bak dude!!!!

  3. My fren Joe shared with me 1st, thanks to him...:D

  4. wah... i am gonna check out and see others as well... :P:P kekeke

  5. prim3: bad prim3 !! mean prim3 !! *stomps the floor* should i remind you that you're half a pig too ?? :p

    invortex: erm .. sure mae~

    pcy: hehe thanks to joe then. ;)

    imagica chan haha, i hope you enjoyed it !! :p