Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pizza Hut.

have you tried out Pizza Hut's latest Chinese New Year pizza - Golden Happiness Cheesy Crown ?? we went yesterday, n it turned out to be .. Not what we expected ..

first of all, the "outlook" - they didn't have the cheese (huh ?? Pizza Hut ran out of cheese ?? its like KFC run out on chicken .. *rotfl*). instead of looking "goldenly", it ended up looking like "toes" .. secondly, the "taste" - instead of tasting like "Chinese food", it kinda taste like "Malay food". i think the problem is the sauce, not exactly sure what kinda sauce though .. satay ?? masala ??

hasn't been to Pizza Hut for quite a while, reason being their service's attitude especially during peak hour. n this definitely isn't what i expected from the recent visit. *weak laugh* please do let me know if you know which Pizza Hut (Kuching branch) that serves well even during peak hour, i do misses my cheese ..


  1. pizza huts' pizza nice or ten-ichis' pizza nice? XD

  2. Heard about the commercial in radio this looks so different! I haven't try and I don't think there's good attitude one..

  3. hahah~i juz hav one during CNY eve...
    exactly the same with wat u post... they don hav cheese n they replaced with otherthings... haha toes pizza...

  4. hmmmmm...delicious :D Makes me hungry hi hi hi hi

  5. haha, last week I went Pizza Hut wif my family too.
    & they oso say tat they run out cheese.
    so *doinkk* when I heard tat.

  6. jing: no !!! *lured* ten-ichi's okonomiyaki is still da'Best !! :D

    apple: there isn't any branch with good attitude ?? what a cruel fact .. *sigh*

    遥望天狼星的我: haha. pathetic, ain't it ??

    juliana rw: glad it does, hehe. but we sure are disappointed by it. it's suppose to be so good !!

    renge: totally agree, it was so weird !! :D