Saturday, March 22, 2008


little something that closes the distance, causes both excitement n uncertainness to battle menacingly within me. yet astonished to find myself hushing the doubts willingly, delighted to enjoy the discovery itself.

how could i have forgotten the taste of such enchantment n sweetness ?? how could i been drained n confined from happiness so severely ?? the thought itself is enough to have me thrown in disbelief.

城が見つけられた ..


  1. Wow, nice photo!!! U got lot of chances to take great photos neh... U like kitten???

  2. ermmm.. shutter speed not low enough.. that's why can't capture much of the light details.. but mobile cam.. can't blame it.. XP

  3. nice one levian!! ^^
    *like it

  4. eh wait...where is this place?? doesn't looks like is anywhere in malaysia leh O_O

    leng lui levian ar, i believe if u have a proper camera, u will snap great photos!!

  5. very nice photo for a mobile phone!

  6. akira: i guess it is because i've got my mobile with me wherever i go ?? :p

    prim3: show off, prim3 !! i knew you had a fancy camera. give it to me n i'll take even better photographs to be published. :p

    elmo: so glad you do !! *blushed* ;)

    yipguseng: it's in Kuching (taken from Astana, which is located across the Sarawak River). thanks so much for the compliment. *continue blushing* :p

    towr: thanks !! am so glad you liked it. ;)