Wednesday, March 19, 2008


allow me to reassure you that it has been given much more Love than the previous kitty. nothing can stop this feeding machine from staring n meowing !! :D


  1. wow... blue eyes.... me love it. why didn't u bring home so can fight with yuki....??

  2. hi u have a nice blog, see yah around

  3. hey kitty.. look at me like that any longer.. and I shall swallow you to my stomach.. :P:P

  4. last nite we use "miaw miaw" ringtone to kacau cat @.@
    and the "she" bz find babies @@

  5. anonymous: why didn't you leave a name so that i can know who you are ?? you sure know well enough to mentioned the name "yuki" around here. :)

    jana: thanks for dropping by !! hope you enjoyed your stay. ;)

    prim3: prim3 !! stop being mean !! i'll "trash" your blog. *warning .. not* :P

    jimmychin: i did noticed that they won't be influenced by the ringtones. since the "meowing" used in ringtone doesn't quite represent any meaning. :D