Monday, March 24, 2008

Leo Compatibility

pranked by -prim3- *shake fist towards prim3*. n later discover the interesting "compatibility" thingy in the same website. being pranked turned out to be not a waste !! :D

Leo Female
You need to be admired and desired. Unfortunately you tend to bestow your affections on the wrong men. You are extremely demanding when it comes to lovemaking. It isn't so much that you want to be love but you do want to be worshiped and adorned with all the nice things in life. You can tend to get lazy if you become too comfortable with your lover. Although you are dignified you can be domineering. You are vain, however you are also very generous. You can be faithful as long as your lover is affectionate.

Leo Mate
Leo & TAURUS: This is an ill-fated connection, your extravagance and desire to party are antagonizing to the prudent Bull. This relationship is not likely to start up in the first place, and not likely to last if you do make it to first base.

Leo & AQUARIUS: The polarities usually attract passionately, nevertheless the Water-bearer's expansive interests and higher mind leave you feeling somewhat neglected and unimportant.

Leo & VIRGO: Virgo's desire to be in command and methodical nature collides with your carefree, spontaneous temperament. This combo takes a lot of compromise on the part of the Virgoan.

Leo & SAGITTARIUS: This is probably your foremost partner physically and mentally. This union will revel in spending, travel and adventure. Quite an exciting connection.

LEO & ARIES: This is a capricious match. Your common interests and lusty passionate nature bring about outrageous social and sexual encounters.

(paragraph taken from Leo Compatibility)

understand yourself, understand your perfect match. each of the zodiac have at most 2-3 signs to match up with. finally had a clear picture of why the previous' didn't work out, blame it all on incompatibility !! but all experiences counts nonetheless. nonexchangeable !! ;)


  1. Leo and Aries is the most compatible de.. XD

  2. added, due to prim3's "request" .. :p