Thursday, March 06, 2008


though still find myself sighing while sitting alone in the room, my mind was soon seized by contradicted thoughts. just wanted to be on the correct path ..

*reaching out blindly towards a vague outline of happiness*


  1. another tag for you

  2. don despair, if you heart feels u did the right thing.. then it's right.. what others think is not important.. coz everyone got the right to follow his/her own path.. (unless it's illegal la.. of coz :P )

  3. Great photo you have taken there!

    Cheer up. Everything will be fine, eventually!

  4. i do agree with prim3.. what others think about you.. is not that important.. dont worry be happy,okey? ^^

  5. jeanne: thanks for the tag !! i've completed it. :D

    prim3: thanks prim3, for the support n stuff .. :) go perlis go !! ;p

    kljs: glad you liked it. n thanks for the support too. :)

    elmo: i'll definitely try !! i'm just too emotional to start with. XD

    shiera: oops, my bad. am glad you liked it. :)